YOU THE OTHER Pieza escénica / 55 min / 2013 /

Dirección: Felix Bürkle / Performance: Lihito Kamiya y Vicent Gisbert / Sonido: Alex Catona / Asistente de movimiento: Philippe Blanchard / Diseño de luz: Lutz Deppe / Video: Christian Brekne / Producción management: Ruth Profe-Bracht / Producción: Felix Bürkle - starting point / Coproducción:Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster and Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf / Premiere: 1 Noviembre 2013. Theater in Pumpenhaus. Münster. Germany / Fotos: Takashi Arai y Oliver Look /

You, the other es una performance para dos performers que cuestiona el fenómeno del encuentro.

What happens when two persons meet?
Why do certain encounters leave traces?
When does a ‘starting point‘ become a ‘turning point‘?
To what extent can I see myself in my counterpart and vice versa?
Am I the mirror of the other, is the other my mirror?
To what extent the audience can see themselves within us?
The audience witnesses this encounter in its physical and emotional intensity.
I want to open a realm of experience that gives the possibility to question the perception of the outside world and of oneself.Enabled by augmented mobility and new means of communication our times are characterized by encounters more than ever.Encounters and the exchange that happens within are the key point for change, development and innovation.

Felix Bürkle

- 21 al 23 Noviembre 2013. Tanzhaus nrw. Düsseldorf. Alemania.
- 1 al 3 Noviember 2013. Theater im Pumpenhaus. Münster. Alemania.

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